AleJandro and Mercedes centrulo


Mission of the Month Spotlight

Ministry Focus: With a fresh vision and a new country call to Uruguay, the Cetrulos plan to engage in ministry which fulfills PAOC International Missions’ mandate of reaching the lost and caring for the poor and marginalized as well as spiritual and leadership training for people of influence.

Their hope is to be active church planters, and to develop a theological and leadership training centre, a mission training/sending centre, and a feeding program for impoverished children through the auspices of ERDO.

Ministry History: When ministering in Costa Rica, Alejandro and Mercedes were involved with church planting with a membership of over 100. Their vision was to plant an orphanage and rehab centre for drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes.
They established “The Bridge” ministry which is made possible through volunteer efforts of church members who physically and spiritually feed these wonderful people.

Prayer Requests:

Financial support and prayer partners

A smooth transition to the field as a family

For receptive hearts to the gospel


Churches We are helping to Plant

As part of our Vision 2020 commitment here are some churches we are currently helping to plant.

  • Centerview Church

    Sunday Service @ 10am

    309 Rathburn Road West
    Mississauga Ontario


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  • Church in the City

    Sunday Services @ 9:15am & 10:50am

    152 The Esplanade, Toronto

    Phone: 416.203.7117



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  • Promise Church

    A new church that is being planted in Bradford


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Ministries We support

  • Souls for Christ - Dean O'Connor

    Rev. Dean C O'Connor, the leader of SFC began his ministry in the Ottawa Valley working with various leaders and ministries. The first few years of Dean's ministry was largely shaped by the Holy Spirit as Dean was lead to go to Bible College to learn about his call and ministry. Following graduation from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College, Dean began to preach on the streets and learned his call and leading in the ministry as an Evangelist.

    From there Dean felt God leading him to leave his small home town and to go a much larger mission field to where he would spend more than 21 years of his life working with homeless and needy people and with the vast number of unsaved people who need to hear the Gospel. Today, Dean is preaching, teaching, and ministering as a Home Missionary/Evangelist in Canada's largest Inner City, Toronto Ontario Canada.


  • Mission Canada - Ejay Tupe

    Ejay brings years of urban ministry experience to the Mission Canada team. Based in the urban core of Toronto, Ejay has ministered to countless marginalized youth and young adults, journeying with some to help them better their housing, employment and education situations. It is Ejay’s desire to bring Christ into every setting he finds himself in.  

    Poverty and injustice are very visible in Toronto’s urban core. Every day, the rich, the poor, and the middle class, interact and intersect, unaware that in God’s vision, each belongs to the other.
    Many care about the state of a city yet due to daily busyness many are not able to positively influence those who find themselves either on the streets or in challenging life situations. For this reason, it is crucial that Mission Canada place workers in these gaps of our nation – people who know the city well, have the networks, and can bring life transforming change to those who need it most. Ejay is here… in the city… because we must.


  • Master's College and Seminary


    Master’s mission is to create a learning community that provides programs and services which equip Pentecostal leaders for ministry.


    Master’s College and Seminary will be the institution of choice in Eastern Canada for those seeking Pentecostal training to serve in Christian ministry.


  • Adam house - Refuge Home


    ​Adam House is a faith based ministry committed to sharing the good news of Christ with grace and compassion by serving refugee claimants to Canada irrespective of their background or beliefs.


    Motivated by God’s love we serve refugee claimants by:

    • Providing a welcoming short term home;

    • Intentionally encouraging them to make a personal connection with Christ and His church in our community;

    • Advocating for access to social, medical, and legal services;

    • Assisting with the refugee claimant process;

    • Facilitating integration into daily life in Canada;

    • Educating churches and the community about the refugees landscape;

    • Actively seeking and responding to opportunities for growth and development of the ministry.

Mission of the Month

  • July

    Alejandro & Mercedes Cetrulo

    Uruguay (PAOC)


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  • August

    Raul & Lily Carrasco

    Spain (PAOC)


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  • September

    Andrej & Lidia Zelenjak

    Church Plant - Slovenia


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  • October

    Robert Linklater

    APM - A Ministry to First Nations


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  • November

    David Burke

    PAOC Mission Canada Missionary

    Ryerson Campus


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  • December

    Jade and Julius Kenyamanyara

    Village of Hope (Mwanza)


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