Mission of the month

  • Alejandro & Mercedes Cetrulo - Uruguay (PAOC)

    January Mission of the Month

    With a fresh vision and a new country call to Uruguay, the Cetrulos are engaged in ministry which fulfills PAOC International Missions’ mandate of reaching the lost and caring for the poor and marginalized as well as spiritual and leadership training for people of influence.

    They are planting a church, developing a theological and leadership training centre, a mission training/sending centre, and a feeding program for impoverished children through the auspices of ERDO.


  • Raul & Lily Carrasco - Spain (PAOC)

    February Mission of the Month

    The Carrasco's vision is to plant churches in the Province of Galicia, which embraces the geographical area of the northern Portugal border and the tip of Northwestern Spain. Within this region, there are hundreds of unreached towns with no church groups of any kind. It is the reason they are also leading a church planting ministry within the Province of Galicia, which as an organization is further focusing in planting 1,000 new churches throughout Spain over the next decade. World missions continues to be at the center of God’s will for His church, and they have identified an urgent need to reach lost souls for Christ in this region, one millennia ago known as ‘the ends of the earth’.


    Spanish Mission