What time are your services?

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am and 11am, we call it our Sunday Celebration Service. We are located at 288 Cummer Ave in Toronto. 

You can click here for directions. 

How long are the services? What should I expect?

Each of our Celebration Services are about 75 minutes. We start each service with some music for everyone to sing along, that goes for about 20 minutes. We have a few announcements about different things going on in and around the church and take up an offering. After that one of our pastors will deliver a sermon. Our teachings are based on the Bible and we do our best to talk about relevant issues that face our lives. 

I have kids, what can they do during the service?

Children join us in the service for the first 15-20 minutes. At that time we dismiss them to go to our Kingdom Kids program. All our Kingdom Kids staff are trained and fully qualified to look after your kids during the service. We also have a nursery with a paging system in case we need to reach you. Be sure to visit our registration desk in the foyer before service.

My baby is really young. What if I don’t want to leave them for the service? 

You’re welcome to keep them with you, and if you need to be excused we have our “Mother’s Room” attached to the sanctuary. It’s soundproof and there’s a live audio feed from the sermon so you can watch the service and your child. 

What about parking?

We have lots of free parking right on our property. There is also reserved handicap parking for those with a disability.


Our facilities are wheelchair accessible.

You said there’s singing. What style of music should I expect to hear?

The songs are upbeat and the words are projected at the front so that everyone can follow along. If you don’t know the song, or just don’t want to sing, no problem, but we encourage you to join in and have fun! 

What should I wear?

Well we don’t have a dress code, if that helps. If you want to dress up you can feel free as some people here do. If you feel more like wearing jeans and a t-shirt, many people here do that as well. We’re just happy you came out. 

Will I be expected to give money?

We do collect an offering during the service, but no one is looking over your shoulder. If you’re visiting with us, please don’t feel pressured to give, the service is our gift to you.  

Any more questions?

Feel free to contact our office at 416-222-1631 and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.